Invisalign® for Kids

If your young child is showing signs of crooked teeth, crowding, or other bite issues, taking early action may help them enjoy a straighter, healthier bite as their smile grows. At Dream Smiles, we provide Invisalign First clear aligners to promote healthy early development comfortably.

Invisalign First is an innovative Phase One treatment option designed to help your child’s bite alignment as they grow, helping them mitigate or avoid more complicated bite problems in their teen and young adult years. This subtle alternative to traditional metal braces uses a series of dental trays made from clear, smooth plastic. Each aligner leverages advanced technology and measured pin-pointed pressure to straighten their teeth gradually and comfortably. With Invisalign First, while your child may still need orthodontics when they’re older, they may need a less complicated treatment, and the treatment length is often shorter.

All of our orthodontic services are designed to address your child’s oral health. We want to improve the look and health of their teeth, jaws, and gums for a lifetime of beautiful smiles. We can start Invisalign First treatments as early as age 7-11.

Receive Excellent Invisalign Treatments in Raleigh

At Dream Smiles, our team is passionate about the health and beauty of your child’s smile. Dr. Khara takes the time to personally get to know your child and works hard to instill the importance of good oral hygiene and maintenance. If you suspect that your child is developing alignment or bite issues, contact our office today and let us help your child achieve a beautiful smile that can last a lifetime.