Superior Orthodontic Care for Children in Raleigh

At Dream Smiles Orthodontics, Dr. Tony Khara provides exceptional orthodontic services personalized to your child’s needs in an environment full of fun and excitement. We believe that early detection of dental issues and proactive treatment is essential when it comes to the oral health of your children. Our skilled dental professionals are experts in the field of orthodontics. If you live near Downtown Raleigh, Garner, Knightdale, and any of the surrounding areas, get in touch with our practice today and let us help you improve your little one’s smile!

Long-Standing Expertise in Early Orthodontic Diagnosis and Treatment

Dream Smiles is your first stop in Raleigh for successful orthodontic treatment. Our main goal is to detect and treat your child’s orthodontic needs as early as possible to eliminate the need for extensive orthodontic services in the future, which in turn saves your time, effort, and money. We focus on guiding and educating parents and children to help prevent habits that contribute to teeth misalignment, which includes thumb sucking, bottle, and pacifier use. This approach can reduce the treatment patients may need in the future.

What Is the Right Time to Start Orthodontic Treatment for Children?

Dr. Khara and his talented team recommend that you take your child to an orthodontic evaluation once you see any visible signs of teeth misalignment or no later than seven years old. However, in some severe cases, children might need treatment before the age of seven. During an evaluation, Dr. Khara will observe your child’s full set of teeth and determine how their smile is developing and whether treatment is needed.

Giving Children Their Best Smiles Through Early Intervention Techniques

Early intervention techniques may help your child avoid the need for full braces in the future and achieve ideal dental correction with minimal time and expense. Orthodontics is not only about braces; it includes other treatments that help create the right shape and symmetry for your child’s smile early on. Our pediatric orthodontics services can consist of:

Expert Orthodontic Treatment Designed Specifically for Your Teen

For many patients who needed braces in the past, a mouth full of metal brackets and wires has been synonymous with their teenage years. Most of the time, teenage years are the most suitable period for your child to start straightening their teeth. This is mainly because their jaws are still growing while nearly all of their adult teeth have come in. Contrary to the belief that the only way to straighten your teeth is through traditional braces, many options exist nowadays that can make straightening teeth much more comfortable, or discreet, and even fun! If Dr. Khara determines you are a candidate, he will suggest other suitable types of braces, such as:
Lingual braces – Usually used to straighten lower front teeth, these braces are attached to the back of the teeth, offering a great cosmetic alternative for those who want straight teeth without anyone noticing the process.
ClearCorrect™ Aligners – This type of aligner system uses nearly invisible, customized plastic trays that are not noticeable when smiling. Your teen will get a new set of aligners every couple of weeks to align teeth steadily into their proper position. The clear aligners can be taken off when eating or drinking and worn back after teeth are cleaned. This therapy is ideal for teens with mild to moderate alignment issues and the maturity to adhere to the recommended guidelines, as they must be worn 22 hours every day to see results.

What If My Child Requires Traditional Braces?

Once Dr. Khara agrees with you that traditional braces are your best option or this type of braces was your choice, he will finalize your treatment plan and help you get started. Some patients may need specific procedures beforehand, such as tooth extraction. For more convenience, Dr. Khara uses indirect bonding to place braces on kids and teens. This method is a more relaxing way of applying braces. The brackets are placed on a mold of your child’s teeth. Then the brackets are placed all together on all your teeth, giving you a more precise treatment and shortening your visit time.

Give Your Children Their Perfect Lifetime Smile in A Fun Environment

Fun is a mandatory practice at Dream Smiles Orthodontics. Your quality orthodontic care is enriched with positive and exciting moments for your children. They will be eager to follow all treatment steps since we intentionally make their experience enjoyable. Besides a disco ball and a game room, we also have a reward system for children to encourage them throughout their path to beautifully aligned, straight teeth. For Dr. Khara and our dental staff, every child we treat is like our own. We work to boost your child’s self-esteem by giving them the gift of an appealing symmetrical smile. If you’re in Raleigh, bring your loved ones into our practice and let them experience a fun treatment. Call today!